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Amps, The

CDPacer - Importado - 1995

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Pacer is an album released in October 1995 by the Amps, Kim Deal's side project from her group the Breeders, who took a break from playing together beginning in late 1994. Deal recruited two new musicians and named the group the Amps. The band recorded Pacer at several studios in the USA and in Ireland, with different engineers each time, including Steve Albini, Bryce Goggin, and John Agnello.

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A1 Pacer 2:31
A2 Tipp City 2:08
A3 I Am Decided 2:28
A4 Mom's Drunk 1:42
A5 Bragging Party 4:32
A6 Hoverin 2:47
B7 First Revival 2:53
B8 Full On Idle 2:18
B9 Breaking The Split Screen Barrier 3:07
B10 Empty Glasses 2:39
B11 She's A Girl 1:50
B12 Dedicated 4:10