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Dirty Looks

LPDirty Looks - Importado - 1980

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capa nm / disco nm - Usado com garantia

Edição Epic 36434 - USA - 1980
Capa, encarte e disco impecaveis, praticamente novos, mínimas marcas, tocando perfeito.
Raridade importada na edição original de lançamento!!
Dirty Looks was formed in 1977 and began playing cover songs before writing a set of gritty pop songs inspired by the sixties. The band consisted of singer/guitarist Patrick Barnes, drummer Peter Parker, and bassist Marco Sin. The band released two albums for Stiff Records in the UK (Epic Records in the US), ""Dirty Looks"" and ""Turn It Up"", along with several singles. Their debut album was Stiff?s biggest ever album release in the United States, selling over 100,000 copies in 1980. ""Turn It Up"" was originally produced and mixed by Nick Garvey (of The Motors), Epic Records decided they didn't like the edgy approach and wanted a more mainstream sound. They are best known for the songs ""Let Go"" and ""Tailing You"", which were minor hits.[citation needed] Both videos were in rotation in the early days of MTV.[citation needed]
The band was discovered by Squeeze bassist John Bentley at CBGB in New York. Bentley brought then Grand Funk Railroad manager Andy Cavaliere to the band's next show and he made the band sign a napkin promising to appear in his office the next day.[citation needed]
Their first album| Dirty Looks was first released in America and the band launched the record by appearing unannounced outside the New York offices of EPIC on a flat-bed truck complete with PA, drums etc., and a film crew. 52nd street became filled with lunch-time office workers all grooving to the band and a bunch of New York cops from the local precinct trying to fight their way through the crowd to stop the disturbance. The result was an arrest and a fifteen minute movie of three Dirty Looks tracks.(fonte: wikipedia).

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A1 They Got Me Covered
A2 Love Crimes
A3 You Can't Love Me
A4 Lie To Me
A5 Take A Life
A6 Let Go
B1 12 O'Clock High
B2 You're Too Old
B3 Accept Me
B4 Disappearing
B5 Drop That Tan