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Fenix Tx

CDLechuza - Importado

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A album by Fenix TX, released on May 22, 2001, by MCA and Drive-Thru Records.
The first song, ""Phoebe Cates"", is a first-person tale of falling in lust with actress Phoebe Cates. It includes a bridge with the lines ""Looking for a fast time / Watching out for bright lights / Send me off to private school / When I'm with you it's paradise"", all of which are references to films starring Cates (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bright Lights, Big City, Private School and Paradise, respectively). It was featured on the soundtrack and in the 2001 film American Pie 2.
The seventh track, ""A Song for Everyone,"" was featured on the soundtrack for Clockstoppers, a 2002 Nickelodeon movie starring Paula Garces and French Stewart.
On both the UK and the Japanese issue of the album, two bonus tracks are added an updated rendition the Spanish Christmas song ""Feliz Navidad"" and the group's 2000 single ""All My Fault"" from Fenix TX. The hidden track is placed at the end of the second bonus track, thus shortening the length of track 11 on these issues to 5:34.

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1. Phoebe Cates
2. Katie W.
3. Threesome
4. Something Bad Is Gonna Happen
5. Tearjerker
6. Pasture Of Muppets
7. A Song For Everyone
8. Manufactured Inspirato
9. Beating A Dead Horse
10. Abba Zabba
11. El Borracho