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Porcupine Tree

CD Stupid Dream - Importado

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Stupid Dream is the fifth studio album by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. It was first released in March 1999, and then re-released on 15 May 2006 due to the band's rising popularity on major record label Lava Records with their releases of In Absentia in 2002 and Deadwing in 2005. The album, along with Lightbulb Sun in 2000, represented a transitionary period for the band, moving away from the band's earlier work in instrumental and psychedelic music, but before they took a more metal direction in 2002 onwards. The album takes a commercially accessible pop rock sound while still retaining heavy progressive rock influences.
The album's title is a reference to frontman Steven Wilson's view of the music industry| while many aspire to be a musician for fame and glamorous lifestyle, he feels it's a ""stupid dream"" because it actually leads to a life of hard work and struggle.

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7. This Is No Rehearsal
8. Baby Dream in Cellophane
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